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Biturbo 2500 Gr.A


Monza 1987
Found chassis


These pages are devoted to the Maserati Biturbos that, thanks to the initiative of Tony Palma and the direct support of the Trident, took part in the 1987 World Touring Car Championship and that, in the next years, were present in the Italian championships CIVT and SuperTurismo.
The chief purpose is to gather photographs, news and as much useful information as possible  from the protagonists of that days and from everyone who is fond of Maserati or of all sorts of competition cars.
April 23, 1987


This is the start of the story ...

"I have ever been a Maserati enthusiast and every time I see a Trident car I stop and watch it. In 1997 while I was walking near a coach repairer workshop in Sanremo I saw inside two Maserati Biturbo completely clad with dust. Going closer I realized that under the dust there were the tipical coloured stickers of a sponsor on a race car. My first thought was : "Funny! Someone has made a replica of 1987 Wtcc Biturbo". I was wrong! They were really the last two Maserati Gr.A that Pro Team sold few years before to Cibiemme, the team that took part in 1987 Wtcc with Bmw M3. The cars were there to be modified  with fiberglass parts to race Formula Rally championship, and had a lot of spares behind. Within about three months I managed with a lot of difficulties to buy them before they were modified. Since that day I began to find news and articles on old sports car magazines to gather  useful information to build a site dedicated to these Maseratis."



 Topic about Campionato Italiano di SuperTurismo e CIVT 1987/1999 by Giovanni

         Thank so much to Jodi Ellis of Maserati Club International/MIE Corp.  for the great article on the review  VCM Viale Ciro Menotti n.97

  Biturbo Gr.A Rally
Special thanks to Elio and Jamaica Imberti for the kind collaboration.
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